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Thus, the state of our whole life is estrangement from others and ourselves, because we are estranged from the Ground of our being, because we are estranged from the origin and aim of our life. And we do not know where we have come from, or where we are going. We are separated from the mystery, the depth, and the greatness of our existence.

We hear the voice of that depth: but our ears are closed. We feel that something radical, total, and unconditional is demanded of us: but we rebel against it, try to escape its urgency, or will not accept its promise.

— Paul Tillich, from “You are accepted” in The Essential Tillich (via)  <link>

The act of accepting meaninglessness is in itself a meaningful act.

— Paul Tillich, The Courage to Be  <link>

Only in the continuous encounter with another person does the person become and remain a person.

— Paul Tillich, The Courage to Be  <link>

The courage to be is rooted in the God who appears when God has disappeared in the anxiety of doubt.

— Paul Tillich, last line of The Courage to Be  <link>

In every question, an element of doubt, the awareness of not having, is implied.

— Paul Tillich, Courage to Be  <link>

Courage can show us what being is, and being can show us what courage is.

— Paul Tillich, The Courage to Be  <link>