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Whither the Idea of God?

The answer, of course, is that the idea of God has no particular source, no genesis one could trace back to the point of origin. Anymore than, say, the idea of geometry, or music, or speech, the movements and rhythms of which are simply of a piece with being human, belonging therefore to the deepest operations of head and heart. And because the idea of God is both real and unique, abiding in both mind and will from the beginning, there is nothing in science or history or ideology that could possibly have put it there. Secularism can no more generate this light than it can succeed in putting it out. It was from the beginning and will always be simply there. Like a sudden flash point of eternity into time, whose unforeseen illuminations have come to light up the night sky of our lives with the absolute certainty of hope. Only God can account for the idea of God.

— Regis Martin, Whither the Idea of God?  <link>

Ideas create idols; only wonder leads to knowing.

— St. Gregory of Nyssa (via)  <link>

Ideas result from the collision of metaphors inside the head.

— Ray Bradbury  <link>